Durham Children's Watershed Festival

Special Guests


Each day of the Festival we have different special guests.  This is a photo of a Blanding's Turtle, one of our four legged guests from the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre.

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Teacher Information

Grade four classes from the four participating school boards will be booked for a day at the Festival on a first come, first served basis.

Admission: $11.50 / student (includes bussing)

  • Teaching Staff & Adult Volunteers are free

  • Payment can be brought on the day of the Festival.

Bussing: Booked and organized by the Festival Coordinator.  The bus company contact information will be provided.

Important Dates

Registration Deadline: Friday June 12, 2020

Cancellation Deadline: Friday September 11, 2020 ($75 fee after deadline)

Confirmation Deadline: Friday September 18, 2020

Payment Due: day of festival

Festival Dates: Sept 28 - Oct 2 (students attend for one full day)

Materials for Your Trip (PDF files)

Tick Awareness

Ticks are present in Durham Region's natural environment and the Blacklegged (Deer) Tick has the potential to carry and transmit Lyme Disease.  It is important to be aware so you and your students know how to properly protect yourselves from ticks, check for ticks, and remove and collect ticks.  Please see the Durham Region Health Department's website for more information.

What Teachers Need to Know

Festival & Registration Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult/Parent Volunteers

Adult volunteers arrive with the bus as no parking is available at the Festival (special circumstances may be arranged prior to your trip, otherwise a $10 parking fee wil be enforced). 5-8 students per adult volunteer. Adults must bring a litterless, nut-free lunch as they are not permitted to leave the Festival until the end of the day.


No parking is available at the Festival for personal vehicles (special circumstances may be arranged prior to your trip, otherwise a $10 parking fee wil be enforced).

Curriculum Expectations

All learning centres have been designed to complement the Ontario Science & Technology Curriculum Expectations for Grade 4 Students. One of the learning goals is that students have the knowledge to say “I can use water wisely!” Curriculum Expectations that are met at the Festival Include: Life Systems Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of habitat and community, and identify the factors that could affect habitats and communities of plants and animals Describe ways in which humans can change habitats and the effects of these changes on the plants and animals within the habitats Investigate the dependency of plants and animals on their habitat and the interrelationships of the plants and animals living in a specific habitat Earth & Space Systems Demonstrate an understanding of the physical properties of rocks and minerals and the effects of erosion on the landscape. Investigate, test and compare the physical properties of rocks and minerals and investigate the factors that cause erosion of the landscape. Describe the effects of human activity (e.g., land development, building of dams, mine development, erosion-preventing measures) on physical features of the landscape, and examine the use of rocks and minerals in making consumer products.

Structure of a Festival Day

Times Activity Centres: 9:30-11:45am Lunch: 11:45-12:15; Activity Centres: 12:15-1:20pm Please separate students into small groups of 5-8 per adult volunteer. Festival runs rain or shine. Check the weather report and dress appropriately (comfortable waterproof footwear is a good idea!). Lunches are to be litterless and backpacks must be carried throughout the day. Please bring refillable water bottles. Before you come, you may plan ahead and select activities and exhibits that best suit your students’ needs. To assist in this process, please use the Watershed Activities List along with the Festival Planner.