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Durham Children's Watershed Festival

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About Us
Launched as part of Central Lake Ontario Conservation's (CLOCA) 40th anniversary theme of “Water Quality” in 1998, the goal of the Durham Children's Watershed Festival is to increase the awareness of grade four students concerning water issues and motivate them to become water stewards in their home, classroom and community.

The Festival is held at Camp Samac in Oshawa and consists of 35 hands-on, curriculum connected, interactive activities with messages relevant to the student’s daily lives. Through the activity centres, students will discover the importance of water in their lives and how their actions affect the watershed in which they live. The objective is for students to enjoy themselves while learning about important water issues. Every year, approximately 4,200 students visit the Festival.

Our Philosophy
The Durham Children’s Watershed Festival promotes the awareness that water is the basis for all life and shows how water plays an essential role in the social and economic development of Ontario. Communities, like ours, depend on water resources to support the growth of commerce, industry and transportation. The Festival motivates students to become water stewards in their classroom and community by combining hands-on, interactive activities with messages relevant to their daily lives.  Throughout their day at the Festival, students soak-up knowledge on the properties, uses, connections and importance of water and habitat.  With this information, students become more aware of the value of conserving and protecting water.


Interaction with industry professionals, water experts and enthusiastic educators highlight the environmental education programming of the Festival.

How We Do It

In order to carry these messages successfully, a committee was established in 1998 with Central Lake Ontario Conservation (CLOCA) being the lead organization. Currently the community partners on the committee include representatives from the Central Lake Ontario Conservation, Durham Catholic District School Board, Durham District School Board, Friends of Second Marsh, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, Ontario Power Generation (Darlington Nuclear), Region of Durham (Health Department & Works Department) and Scouts Canada (Camp Samac).