Durham Children's Watershed Festival

Durham Children's   
Watershed Festival                   



The Festival consists of over 30 hands-on, curriculum linked, learning centres that provide the students with an increased awareness about the importance of water conservation, protection, technology and ecology.


In honour of our 20th anniversary we have changed our name from Durham Children's Groundwater Festival to Durham Children's Watershed Festival. Changing the word to "Watershed" better reflects the main objective of the Festival which is to increase the awareness of grade four students concerning water issues and motivate them to become water stewards in their home, classroom and community.

The 2020 Durham Children's Watershed Festival will run from Monday, September 28th to Friday, October 2nd.


Admission (one day): $11.50/ student (includes bussing)
Bussing: Booked and organized by Festival Coordinator 

Since 1998 more than 70,000 grade 4 students and 7,200 high school student volunteers have participated in the Durham Children's Watershed Festival!

Video Explaining Festival Background, History & What to Expect

Video Explaining Festival & Registration Process

Thank you to our 2019 Diamond Sponsors!

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