Frenquently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Important Dates:
-Cancellation Deadline – Friday, Sept 7, 2018 ($75 cancellation fee after deadline)
- Invoice & Confirmation Deadline – Tuesday, Sept 14, 2018
- Payment Deadline – Tuesday, Sept 18, 2018
- Teacher’s Session – Tuesday, Sept 18th, Camp Samac – mandatory for “New-to-Festival” teachers

- Cost of Festival - $11.50/ student (Teaching staff and volunteers are FREE)
- Can payment be brought to Teacher’s Session? – YES
- Can payment be brought to Festival? – NO

Festival Day Information
- Festival times: 9:30 – 11:45am; lunch 11:45 – 12:15; 12:15 – 1:20pm
- Festival runs rain or shine; check the weather report and dress appropriately (comfortable waterproof footwear is a good idea!)
- Lunches are to be litterless and backpacks will be carried throughout the day
- Bring refillable water bottles

Bussing - We Order The Bus For YOU!
- Festival Coordinator arranges the bussing
- Bus company contact information will be provided

Teacher’s Information Session
- Teacher’s Information Session date – Tuesday Sept. 18th, 2018 at Council Hall (Camp Samac)
- It is strongly recommended that “New-to-the-Festival” teachers attend the Teacher’s Information Session in order to familiarize yourself with the Festival layout and expectations
- Free resource kit with sponsor donated posters, publications and activities that can be used to enhance your water messaging curriculum in the classroom

Adult/Parent Volunteers
- Adult Volunteers arrive with the bus – no parking available at Festival (special circumstances may be arranged prior  ***$10 parking fee will be enforced without special prior arrangement***)
- 5-8 students/adult volunteer
- Adults make sure to bring a litterless and nut free lunch as you cannot leave the Festival until the end of the day